About Us

DevilDoxx is basically web guide for helping new developers as well as experienced developers. It is founded with the aim to provide more ease in web development. Not only in web development but also in different tech fields Devildoxx aim to provide you information, tutorials and lot more. DevilDoxx website was bring live in the year 2016 by Anil Mehra.

What you will get in DevilDoxx ?

DevilDoxx not only claims to provide tutorials related to Web Development but also in different tech fields. Here is the list of content that you can find in DevilDoxx.

  1. Get knowledge about upcoming technologies.
  2. New features available in different apps.
  3. Web Development Tutorials in all programming languages.
  4. Web Designing Tutorials
  5. Tips, tricks and hacks of various apps and websites.
  6. Guide to start a blog and how to earn with a blog.
  7. Automobiles Information
  8. Gadgets Reviews
  9. New Gadgets information

DevilDoxx is your digital partner that will help you in growing blog as well as knowledge. It is specially design and develop for India because of poor study material available in colleges.

History of DevilDoxx

Devildoxx was start by Anil Mehra in the year 2016. With a experience of 4 years in MNC projects and knowledge of multiple programming languages, he decided to help freshers to get high scopes.

Why DevilDoxx started ?

In India, study material is outdated in school and colleges due to which a student has to take training in companies before doing any job. And most of the studies are not practical in India. Thousands of colleges are available in India but only few of them provide practical knowledge to students. By taking this problem as an issue for freshers DevilDoxx was started.

This is not only a blog where you will get articles to read but also you can direct chat with Anil while learning from article. Get any type of help instantly regarding your queries while learning.

About Anil Mehra

I am the founder behind DevilDoxx. I am simple guy who do not owns even a degree. Lot of people want to know my qualification and training source. I simply say that I am 10th pass. Even I have done 12th in Non Medical and also Diploma in Computer Science but I feel this is nothing because of poor study material in India. I don’t have any financial problem to complete B-Tech but I quit study because it is time waste and money waste in India.

After completing my Diploma, I was doing training in company here I came to know to that what we study and doing in India is actually very old. So, I decided to learn by myself instead wasting time in Degree. It is a tough decision but today I feel it is great decision.

Here in India 80 % developers are developing websites using old techniques. Out of 80% developers most of them know about new techniques in web development but they do not have practical knowledge about it.

How I gain Knowledge and Experience ?

I started as a Content writer in a company. With eagerness in web development, I got promoted as a web developer in same company after 2 months. Just after 2 months my journey starts in the field of web development. And today after almost 4 years I have completed 700 + MNC websites. During time period of 4 years, I train many developers in different companies and provide training to students at my home also.

I keeps my skills updated with a lot of research during my free time. Trust of my students and followers make me proud. I start providing training offline in the beginning but now I provide training online also.

I never want to disclose my journey but there are thousands of people who think colleges and school can provide you knowledge. But it is not true, if you have guts and want to be unique then you really need to do unique things. Stop following what others are doing and never give up.

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