How to hack MeMe Live App Beans and M coins for free

Hello Guys, today I will show you how to earn MeMe live app M coins and Beans for free. Remember, this tutorial is for information purpose only. I will not show complete demo of hack because of Copyright issue. You can try it to earn MeMe Live App Beans and M-coins for free. Before starting you must know that hack MeMe or any other with this trick is illegal and you have to pay some penalty for this activity.

Steps to Hack MeMe Live App Beans and M coins for free

You can not only hack MeMe Live app but also any other app that have Google in app purchase which means where you use Google Wallet to buy anything like coins etc. Follow steps below to hack MeMe Live App Beans and M Coins for free.

There two ways to hack Google in App purchases one is with rooted phone and second is without root phone.

Hack Google in App Purchases with rooted Phone

  1. Download Freedom App by searching it on Google because it is not available in Google Play Store.
  2. Freedom App is available only on Android so you need an android device.
  3. Install Freedom App and then open it.
  4. Remember to turn off your GPS before starting it.
  5. Once you have open Freedom app then you will see all apps that are install in your device as shown below
    Hack Google in app purchases
  6. Search MeMe in above list and then open it from Freedom App.
  7. Go to MeMe store and then click on any Purchase.
  8. Now Freedom App will show their free credit card in default for purchasing.
  9. Click on Buy and that’s it all coins will be in your account.
  10. For security purpose remove all saved Credit or debit cards from your Google account.

I can not show full preview due to Google Adsense Policies but it works 100 % . You can search YouTube videos for freedom app tutorials.

Hack Google in App purchases without rooted phone

All steps for hack Google in App purchases without rooted phone are similar to above. Only you need download different app that is Lucky Patcher which is also available using Google search but not on Play store. When you install Lucky patcher App and then open it you can see list of Apps same like Freedom App as shown below


Lucky Patcher APP

But you need to rebuild app for hacking. Just tap and hold app that you want to hack for 5 seconds then menu with open something like below

Lucky Patcher Hack

You can see multiple options like Remove License Verification, Remove Google Ads, Support patch for in App and LVL emulations etc. All these options work differently like if you want to remove only Google Ads from any app then click on Remove Google Ads. Similarly other options works but for purchases you have to choose Support patch for in App and LVL emulation. When you click on it App will give two options one is Create modified Apk or some time it shows for merging with default APK. Click on Create Modified Apk and do not press any Button until process completes.

Modified Apk with Lucky Patcher

Once apk is generated then you will see success message and below that you can see buttons Go to File, Browse and Ok.

Modified APK

Now click on Go to file then it show modified apk generated. Click and install this apk. Now normally logged in with app and Enjoy free in app purchases for lifetime.

Rules to get success in this tricks

  1. Never log in with your social account if you app has Facebook Login or any other social login.
  2. Always turn off GPS before using Modified APK or Freedom App.
  3. If you have purchase MeMe coins then never convert it into cash because company can take serious action on you.
  4. This is just for information purpose only nothing else.

Note : You can not convert beans to cash by using these tricks.


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  1. I AM getting payment error 5000 didn’t get the exact steps whatever happened in lucky patcher maybe I gave permission to the app earlier that is y

  2. Brother if you can hack this then i am reasy to pay you
    In evry purchse
    Plz contact me
    Meme coins i have custmers

  3. I have done all the following things now when I open my Meme account, I don’t get coins or beans. How can I hack coins or beans ???
    Pls help

  4. Hello can you please tell me the game hacking of meme live how can i earn coins by playing game on meme live

  5. Hello, Please upload new trick i followed your steps and its failed, tried it again but still not working. waiting for your reply.

    Marley Dseuza

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