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How to choose best hosting for your website and applications ?

In this technical news, you will learn How to choose best hosting for your website and applications. Daily more then thousands of website are register and publish all over the world. There is a big competition for all websites. Like if you are creating a technical website then there are already million of competitors. So, choosing a best hosting is very important part for a website development. If you are sure about your website that it will attract thousand users then you must also be sure that is your hosting capable to handle traffic.

How to choose Best hosting for your website and applications ?

Best Hosting

For making you understand better, we will divide it into two part that is Analyzing and Purchasing. In analyzing we will discuss about analyzing your website and requirements.


You must be clear about your idea that you are going to implement in your website. If you are not clear then you will fail to compete with your competitors. If you have clear idea then analyze your website requirements in below given way

  1. Resources used in Website like PHP version, Database type and Storage.
  2. Need Secure website or not (SSL certificate)
  3. Back Ups Daily or weekly
  4. HTACCESS modules
  5. Image Optimization
  6. Host Videos or not.

If you are going to build a blog then Shared Hosting is enough for you. For all other websites like eCommerce, social platform or any other website with expected heavy load of traffic then choose VPS or Dedicated Server.

Make sure about you need to host videos or not. This is important part because most of the hosting provider in share hosting do not provide video hosting. Yes, you can upload videos on your share hosting but video require lot of resources from server to play. So, if you have large traffic then playing video will use more resources. More resources will cause your account suspended on Shared hosting.

When you completely analyze your website requirements then follow second part in which you will be guide to purchase best hosting.


Remember if you are going to purchase hosting on base of reviews then do not buy it. Almost all companies pay a lot to Online marketers for fake reviews. Reviews attract customer but do not purchase on the base of reviews. When you are confirm about requirements then try to ask different hosting companies using their chat support and email. Briefly discuss about your requirements with Hosting Supports. Try to contact multiple hosting provider. You can also get support from Hosting experts for free like hostadvice etc. Hosting experts will guide you and provide different hosting companies according to your budget and requirement.

Things you must remember before purchasing

  1. Do not fall for hosting  prices.
  2. Never purchase hosting on base of reviews.
  3. Purchase package according to your requirement.
  4. Be sure Hosting company provide 24×7 Support.


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