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Create multiple facebook account with same mobile number – Facebook Black Hole

In this tutorial how to  create multiple facebook account with same mobile number and even same information. Before starting let us discuss about Facebook Black holes.

What are facebook black holes and how they are created ?

Facebook or we can say giant of social platform in the world. Facebook is founded by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. Today we all know that facebook is now such a platform with whom competition is almost impossible. Facebook ranked 3 worldwide according to Alexa. Development in facebook website and apps may be interesting for facebook but it will be in  danger. Almost a week a new update of facebook available with new features.  But these features created black holes in it. Such a black hole we found in facebook android app and iphone app. That black hole is creating multiple facebook accounts with same mobile number.

How to create facebook multiple account with same mobile number ?

For creating multiple account you must have a working phone number. Also you have android, iOS or windows device that is your choice. Follow the steps to create multiple facebook accounts with same mobile number : –

1. Download, Install and Open Facebook official app (Not Facebook Lite Version)

2. Click on create a account option below Login Form as shown below

3.  Then app will ask you for filling First Name and Surname . Fill information and then click on Next.

4. Once you have completed above step now app will ask you to fill phone number or email address. Fill your phone number and click next.

Create facebook multiple accounts with same mobile number

5. After that facebook app will ask your date of birth. Fill your birth date and click on next.

Create facebook multiple accounts with same mobile number

6. Then Facebook app will ask you to fill your gender. Choose option and then click next to move forward.

7. Final step is to fill up your password for your new account. Create unique password of your own choice and hit sign up button.

Your account will be created successfully. You will be redirected to mobile verification page or your news feed page after that. Now simply get your facebook profile id or username by visiting your profile. Copy that facebook id or username to notepad or any other place of your choice.

8. Wait for  5 minutes and logout from the account you created.

9. Now follow same steps mentioned above and fill same phone number. Your second account will be created.

How it works or what exactly happens when you create new facebook account ?

It’s basically a  black hole if you create account on your laptop or desktop then it will show error that phone number exists. But in facebook app it does not check phone number for signing up. Once your first account is created with your phone number. Then when you tried to created second account with same phone number  then app automatically removes phone number from your previous account.  But don’t worry you can still open your previous facebook account with your saved user id or username.

What to do when you lost your facebook account password ?

If you don’t remember your password of your facebook account created by following above steps. Then don’t worry you can still reset your password with same phone number.

Follow the steps to reset your facebook account password with same phone number

  1. Just visit facebook.com on your laptop and desktop.
  2. Then try login with user id or username with wrong password or you remembered password for that id.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for approx 7 times until recover button appears as shown below

4.  Click on recover account then facebook will show all accounts related to your mobile number. Choose account and password reset code will be sent to your mobile number. That’s it hope you like this article.

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