Anonymous Life – Part 1- How to hide your email identity online ?

For adopting an anonymous life you must know How to hide your identity online. Before starting, you must know, it is very hard to implement anonymous things in your life. Online identity is very important to be hidden. Here we will discuss how you can hide your identity online. That is chapter 1 of our anonymous life. 

What is Anonymous Life ?

Anonymous Life is a life that is hidden from all the people in the world including your family and friends. It is very hard to live an anonymous life today. As, you need government identity online to verify your bank accounts and other online stuff. But, still you live two lives . 

Steps to hide your email identity online 

You can not hide your government identity but still you can live a separate anonymous life with your original identity. Make sure, you should never compromise or mix your two lives. 

Install VPN before doing anything below

Install a good quality, you can use Avast Secure VPN that is cheaper and provider many locations. Before starting VPN, you must visit and then generate a random profile. It will provide you complete fake address, name, email etc. Make sure, what ever profile you like from , you must copy in note pad or take screenshot of it.

anonymous life

Now, set the VPN to same state or country and then follow below steps.

Need An Email Account

First step of your anonymous life is you need an email account. Now, you will be thinking of gmail, hotmail or other popular email clients but forget about popular client’s first. You should never use these in your anonymous life. You should use less popular email clients like or any other mail client. 

While creating an email account put all information false positive. Every information should be fake. You can use to generate fake names with addresses etc. You must be using same information that you set up during VPN configuration.

Signup with Popular Email Client like Gmail, Hotmail 

Once you have created your fake email account, now you can sign up with the same information in Gmail, outlook etc. Put your main email account as the recovery email account then you are ready with your Gmail. 

Here we will be discussing about Gmail only due to its huge demand.

Signing up in Gmail means, you have registered an Google Account. Google can collect all your information that includes your browsing history, YouTube history and every type of information that google can use to provide you all services.

Prevent Google to collect information from your account (Anonymous Life)

Go to and then sign in with your newly created fake Gmail account.

google account settings

Go to personal information and then cross check all fake information you added is correct.

Now visit then you will see Web & App Activity. Turn Off and uncheck all checkboxes as shown below.

Similarly, if you scroll down then you will see Location History. Turn it off also to avoid saving your locations in Google Maps.

Now, final step turn off YouTube History and Personals Ads recommendation.

turn off youtube history- anonymous life

All activities, are turn off now. If you forgot to start VPN, then still your fake information is not collected by Google.

Now you can watch any video on YouTube without saving history. Visit any place without saving your location history.

Note: Until you are 99% Anonymous, you should use these email account’s in any type of smartphone. You should be using it on laptop or desktop after VPN is connected.

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