Fabi Flu helpful in COVID 19 treatment

Treatment for Corona Virus

Yes, Fabi Flu is helpful in COVID 19 treatment. Fabi Flu is given to patient’s who has mild and moderate symptom’s for COVID 19. Here, I am not talking about fake spread of this medicine. In my neighborhood, recently my aunt tested COVID positive.

She visit to near by hospital but no one is testing her. At the end, she decide to go to family doctor. Family doctor prescribed Fabi Flu and some other medicines to take for 10 days.

Fabi Flu and COVID 19 Prescribed Medicines

  1. Fabi Flu 1800 Mg (2 Dose 1 in morning and 1 in evening). After that 800 Mg in morning and then in evening.
  2. Thymotas (Immunity Booster) 3 times a day
  3. Vitamin D3 in afternoon only.
  4. Foracort Rotacaps to be taken with pump (2 Times a day)
  5. Limcee After every 4 hour.
  6. Dolo 650 Mg (Continously for 3 days After that give Dolo on fever)
  7. Giloy Juice ( 2 Times a day).
  8. BetaDyne Gargle morning and then evening.
  9. Drink Hot water and juices.

These are prescribe medicines that is use in COVID 19 treatment for my aunt. After starting the treatment on 29th March, 2021, my aunt fever get under control with in two days. Within the 5 Days , No fever and there is just little cough. Oxygen level is between 92 to 95 % . After 7 Days Oxygen level increases to 95 % then we thought of COVID test again. But Doctor advice to complete 10 days period with this medicine.

On 12 th day , we retest for COVID 19 then after two days report came negative.

I also do research on Fabi Flu medicine. What exactly it do and how it helps to recover from COVID 19.

What is Fabi Flu ?

It is basically Anti Viral Drug. It basically stop the replication of flu virus in body. That’s why starting dose of this medicine is high then later dose. You can 200 mg tablet or 400 mg tablet.

Who can take this medicine with COVID 19 symptoms ?

This medicine is only for people who don’t have any serious disease previously. Like BP and sugar patient’s. It is easily available in online stores like

Even in stores also, you can see it is use for COVID 19 treatment


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