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Onlyfans – Download pictures and video using PC or mobile

Onlyfans is one of the biggest media sharing platform. Here we discuss how you can download pictures and video from onlyfans. You can download content in HD as well as Non HD. All we know that onlyfans is paid as well as free service provider.

Before starting, you must know that downloading content from onlyfans is illegal. You are only responsible if you are reading this tutorial downloading content. This is just an example.

Downloading should be only If :-

  1. If you don’t want to subscribe user again.
  2. You should keep download content for your own’s only.

However, still it is illegal. You may be charge more then 5000$ if you share this content without user permission.

This content can by anything. You must be 18 plus to view this content. Onlyfans usually charges 3$ to any amount.

How to download pictures and content from onlyfans ?

Before starting, you need a onlyfans account and also you must subscribe any content creator in it. I have subscribe to main-nature

  • Open then open you subscribed profile
  • For me profile is main-nature
  • You can see pictures at right side. Also, you can see three tabs just below user profile picture.
  • Click on image icon tab as shown above and then open any picture that you want to download.
  • If you are on PC or laptop then you can see on right click of mouse it is getting zoom in. Instead of showing menu to save image.
  • Press F12 then console window will open as shown below
  • You can see yellow highlighted arrow in above image. Click on that and then click on image as show below
  • Now you can see grey highlighted link in console window. Just right click on it and then open in new tab
download image onlyfans
  • Be sure , you right click on link.
  • Now you can see image is open in new tab as shown below
  • Now right click on opened image and then click save image.
save image onlyfans

For saving in mobile, you must download FireFox or Opera browser. Then you must open image and then press and hold on image to save it.

Similarly, you can download videos also.

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