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Google Announces to set up Google Station all over India

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  • About Google Station in India

Google recently announces to set up their Google Station all over India. Previously it Google Station is available in Railway Station only but now Google decide to set up in public areas in India.

What is Google Station ?

Google Station is a place where you can experience free Wifi at very high upload and download speed. Every user needs to connect to Google Station Wifi for experiencing High speed internet. Previously these stations are available only in Indian railway station but now you can experience in Public areas also. Google is covering every area to set up Google Station specially in Smart cities.

How to connect Google Station ?

You just need a smartphone or any device which has wifi then go to any nearby Google Station. You can see Google in your scan wifi list and connect it. Now you can experience high speed internet in your device. But remember Free Wifi does not mean you can download data in 100 GBs. It is for emergency purpose only like you are stuck in some place and want to connect your family.

As we are Indians, mostly people use it for watching videos at free wifi places. However, Google has not set any restriction on usage but it is upon you how you use this free wifi.

Google Station

Google is really doing for India like Google Map is different in India as compare to other countries. Also Google launches Google Tez for UPI payments which is available only in India. Google works according to country. That’s why Google is world’s no 1 company which deals electronics, automobiles, software and many more things.

BSNL also planning  to set up free wifi connections all over India but still no work has done. Check Google Stations in India in below graph

Google Station 2

It has already cover whole India. Google Free Wifi Station is available in only two countries India and Indonesia but on large scale free wifi is available only in India. For more details visit here

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