Technical News cloned on – Website Down cloned on and original website get down. We all know about technical guru ji, one of the most popular technical you tuber in India. Recently, technical guruji website get down due to some database connection error. Website was working on word press cms. However, technical guruji shop is working on sub domain and it is working fine. You can shop on technical guruji website on Website Issue and Cloned

From above image you can see that showing database error which seems like wordpress error. It is very strange that at such big position among users, this would happen. When technical guru ji launched his website, guruji said that due to some reasons .in domain is available instead of But now you can even check website which is also showing same information. However, it is hard to choose owner behind .com domain. No SEO stuff is needed on this domain because of popularity of Guruji. If you type technical guruji on google  then domain comes on first and there is no .in domain on first page. Very clever trick if the owner of .com domain is not Technical Guruji.

About Cloned Website Technical

First of all, why this website cloned because Guruji said that website will run no ads and will remain completely ad free. If you check .com website then lot of ads already running on it. Cloned website is not similar to original .in website specially in design but if you check description then it is similar to guru ji website. Same way like guruji add description below videos.

You can check above image that way of writing article is very similar to Guru Ji’s way. If scroll down and check footer section on cloned website you can found information such as shown below

You can see that website have not shown about original Guru Ji website and showing the owner name rohitmaan007. I don’t know how this man bought this domain because domain was not available on sales when guru ji website launched.

History of .com Domain

I checked the history of domain using

Domain is just one year old and bought from Go daddy then domain is hosted on Owner of this domain is pretty smart because he knows that this domain do not any promotion for visitors. With the power of Ad sense, owner can earn money on this domain. But however, this domain can badly effect guru ji. I hope Guru ji will take some action against him.

About Technical Guru Ji

Technical Guruji is a very popular channel on you tube specially in India. It has more 3 million subscribers and more than 1000 videos in it. Channel officially owned by Gaurav Chaudhary and started 2 years back. You can watch daily tech talks and ask your questions every Sunday. In every you will know about latest technical news and smartphones.

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