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5 fake and hidden specs of Vivo V7+ that company do not reveal

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  • Vivo V7+ fake specifications

In this news, we will discuss about 5 Hidden specs of Vivo V7+ that company do not reveal in public. Oppo and Vivo brands that claims to provide more powerful Camera in their smartphones. But do you think these smartphones have really better camera then other smartphones at same price. The simple answer is no first  these both brands do not reveal full specification in their launch events. Even their sellers will not provide you full information. Let’s have a look of 5 Hidden specs of Vivo V7+ that company do not reveal.

5 Hiddens specs of Vivo V7+

There are more than 5 specs that can break your deal but we will discuss about top 5 specs here.


If you read specification of V7+ then you can see it is mention that front camera comes with 24 MP camera and rear camera comes with 16 MP camera.

5 Hidden specs of Vivo V7+

Above information is taken from Gadgets 360 by NDTV. But do you know technically it is not possible to have 24 MP front camera. Vivo V7+ comes with Snapdragon 450 which do not support Camera beyond 21 MP. If hardware of Vivo V7+ not support 24 MP so how they can make fool to people by saying it has 24 MP camera. Even you can check Snapdragon official website here.

Display Resolution is only 720p

Second biggest spec that Vivo V7+ does not reveal is 720 p display. Vivo V7+ comes with HD display not Full HD. Most of the people do not know about 720 p display but you can easily understand it. Try to play any YouTube video in 4K or 1080p there will be no option because YouTube play 1080 p and 4K only supported devices. Even Snapdragon 450 supports 1080p displays but still it is not present in Vivo V7+. If you are paying 20000 INR then atleast your device must play Full HD videos. Watch image below to know difference between 720 p and 1080 p displays.

720p vs 1080p

Processor Snapdragon 450

Yes, the processor is new but that does not mean you can sell it at higher price. Even Redmi 4 comes with Snapdragon 435 which 90% similar to Snapdragon 450. Processor cheap but price of V7 + deserve atlease Snapdragon 625 or above. Even LG Q6 worth Rs 14000 comes with better processor and performance.

Full View Display

Vivo V7+ highlight about full view display but where is full view display. Yes the resolution is 18:9 but you can not play games and movies with full screen capture like in other bezel less smartphones.

No Heavy Games and even light games

Vivo V7+ does not support heavy and light games. Phone get heat up due to its poor GPU and processor. Lot of lags and hang issue will be face if you play heavy game on Vivo V7+


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