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Apple will pay 110$ to Samsung for each sale of Apple X

Finally, a viral news comes out that Apple will pay 110 $ to Samsung for each sale of Apple X. We all know that Samsung and Apple are the two world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. However, there are lot of smartphone parts that Apple and Samsung cannot manufacture in their manufacturer plants. So they both have to depend on each other.

Why Apple will pay 110$ to Samsung for each sale of Apple X ?


This year Apple uses OLED displays in Apple X which has attracted millions of Apple lovers. But only few people  knows that these OLED displays are made by Samsung. In return of these displays Apple will pay 110 $ to Samsung for each sale of Apple X that looks a small amount but it is actually great deal.

This is one of the reason that Apple X crosses 999 $ in price. If we calculate the actual price of Apple X then it will cost only 445 $ for all components used in it which also includes Samsung 110 $ display. Rest money is for Apple Research and Development on Iphone 1O. Obviously Apple has done a great job in research and adding some unique features in Apple X.

Technically if you compare features of Apple 10 and Samsung S8 or S8 + or Note 8 then there are only few unique things.  Most of the features available in Apple 10 are the old features in Samsung S series.

Definitely Apple X price is higher as compared to Samsung devices but these cannot stop sale of Apple 10. People die hard fans of Apple Smartphones. Suppose if 100000 Apple Iphone 10 will sold out then 100000 x 110 $ dollars directly goes to Samsung. Samsung really played a wise game by launching S8 , S8 + and Note 8 earlier. As Samsung knows that if Apple 10 comes earlier then there will be great loss in sale of Samsung S series and Note series.

It’s a strange fact that Samsung created Apple’s X bezel less display but not implemented it in S8 and S8 + with full bezel less display.

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