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Facebook follow image option for notify user regarding photo activity

Recently, facebook added new feature “Facebook Image Follow” to get notify regarding latest update on that photo. Facebook being the number 1 social network in the world keep trying to add more features. Latest feature added is that you can follow a image either it belongs to your friend list or not. This option is not available on all pictures. You can follow only public pictures if you are not in friend list.

How to use follow image option in facebook ?

For following a photo or image on facebook, login into your facebook account and then open any picture of any user. On right side of image popup you see option for follow. Remember this option will not allow you to follow friend, this will only follow that picture.

facebook image follow

Instead of following a person, you can follow a particular image for getting notifications. Facebook image follow feature is very helpful for people who don’t want to follow complete profile on facebook.

Facebook follow image option is available only on desktop version of facebook and will be available soon on apps.

Advantages of Follow image option

  1. Main benefit of facebook image follow is that you can follow only image instead of following profile.

Disadvantages of Image Follow option

  1. Facebook image follow option is available only on desktop, you have to wait for using it in apps.
  2. Only public picture and if user has turn on follow option in settings then this option will be visible.

Facebook have launched so many features that no one in future will compete with facebook. It’s good that after few days you get new features but there are still so many people who don’t know all features of facebook. Facebook launch features earlier before mentioning it on frequently asked questions.

Hope you like this information, comment down below if you have further queries about facebook.

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