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How to improve performance of Windows Operating System ?

In this guide you will learn how to improve performance of Windows Operating System. There are lot of other operating systems available in market like Ubuntu, Linux, Mac and Windows. Out of these operating system some are free and some cost. Windows is one of the operating system that is used by millions of user. Almost in every home, offices and institution windows operating system is used.

However, Windows operating system is costly as compare to other operating systems. So, most of people use crack versions of Windows operating system in which they do not get any security updates. Crack versions get slow day by day and sometimes windows need reinstall in that cases. Even purchase version of Windows operating system get slow after some time.

Everyone wants to keep their windows operating system fast and secure. So here are some tips that can work both on crack version and paid version windows.

Windows Operating System

Steps to improve performance of Windows Operating System

  1. First basic step is turn off saving your browser history by going to browser settings. This will stop saving temporary files.
  2. Download Software updater software and update all out dated software. For reference click here
  3. Download and install avast Free Antivirus then try to scan operating system daily  or weekly basis.
  4. Do not put your system on sleep mode.
  5. Do not install software from unknown sources.
  6. Always use purchase versions of software instead of using crack versions.
  7. Do no power off your system directly rather then shut down the system.
  8. If you are going to use crack version of windows then first download and install all windows update. After installing crack your windows. Microsoft still provide updates for crack version but not in Windows 10.

If you update Windows 10 which is crack then you Microsoft will delete all crack files and convert it to trial version. After that you can not re-crack same version of windows.


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