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ZebPay or Uncoin which is the best Bitcoin trader in India

In this technical news, we will discuss about two popular Bitcoin trader ZebPay and Unocoin. We will discuss each of them briefly and make you understand how they work. Before starting you must know that International Bitcoin and country wise bitcoin price both varies. You  can not buy Bitcoin at international price because no one will provide it. Bitcoin is very high in demand these days specially in India. Thousand of new bitcoin traders have start trade in Bitcoin. Currently there are only two popular and well known Bitcoin traders that is  ZebPay and Unocoin .

New traders are very confuse which one to choose from these two traders. Here is the side by side comparison of ZebPay and Unocoin.

Difference between ZebPay and Unocoin Bitcoin trader

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ZebPay has better verification method then Unocoin. If you join Unocoin then you have to wait more then 2 weeks for KYC verification. In ZebPay with in a day your account get verified.

Customer Care

ZebPay has not good customer care support but it is 10 times better Unocoin. Both Bitcoin trader has  in call and email support. In Unocoin, if you try customer care number then just wait for more then 30 min but in ZebPay 10 to 15 min maximum.

Never expect a email reply from Unocoin, people have submit many consumer complaints against Unocoin. In ZebPay, best support is on email whenever you write a query to their email then within 1 working day they reply you back.


Unocoin withdrawal time period is 10-14 days but it can also be delay. Never expect payment on time with Unocoin. Many people have invest in Unocoin and balance is still not updated in their account. Whereas in ZebPay with in 5 hours all money is credit to your account.

Bitcoin Address

In Unocoin , you will never get a Bitcoin address but in ZebPay you will get your Bitcoin address. Even you can add more Bitcoin address in your account.

Minimum Purchase

In minimum purchase Unocoin is better then ZebPay. You can invest from Rs 200 to Rs 10 Lakh in Unocoin but in ZebPay you have to purchase minimum bitcoin of Rs 1000. ZebPay is for premium users but Unocoin is for all. ZebPay investment varies from Rs 1000 to Rs 10 Lakh.

Sell and Buy Bitcoin

ZebPay is very fast then Unocoin. You have to wait a lot in Unocoin for every transaction but ZebPay is very fast in transactions. Sell and Buy Bitcoins instantly with ZebPay in just few hours.


If you are new Bitcoin trader then go for ZebPay because trade in Bitcoin needs faster transaction. In Unocoin, you have to wait a lot for every transaction. You can trust ZebPay because it is well known company and it is India’s first Bitcoin exchange company.

For better support and instant transactions join ZebPay otherwise it is on you which one to choose for Bitcoin trade.

For more information on ZebPay visit here and for Unocoin visit here.


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