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Bitcoin Guide : When to buy and sell Bitcoin in India

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  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India using Popular Bitcoin traders

In this Bitcoin guide, we will discuss about Buy and sell Bitcoin in India. Bitcoin is the world most popular digital currency. However, in some countries trading Bitcoin is illegal but not in India. Bitcoin is 100% legal in India and you invest any amount in trading Bitcoin. But many people are scare of losing money in India. So, in this Bitcoin guide we will discuss about Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India using any Bitcoin trader.

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Bitcoin Guide for Buying And Selling Bitcoin in India

This is not similar to mutual funds investment  because every minute price of Bitcoin varies in thousands. If you are investing in Bitcoin then be sure you have to punctual every minute. If you are trying to invest very small amount like Rs 100 then you will get profit but this is a risk in Bitcoin.

When to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India

In India, best time for purchasing Bitcoin is after mid night. Most of the big investment occurs in day time in India. Prices of Bitcoins are higher as compare to mid night. You can even check History of traders. So, purchase it in mid night. Average difference of Rs 50,000 is notice in mid night and day time. Let’s suppose you invest Rs 1,00,000 in mid night then on next day definitely you will earn minimum profit of Rs 20,000. Remember do not sell whole Bitcoin at once. If you earn Rs 20,000 profit by investing Rs 1,00,000 then sell Bitcoins of Rs 20,000 only then you have a proper profit daily and you can work a long time period in Bitcoin Trade.

Risk on Investing Small Amount

For example, you invest Rs 100 on Bitcoin then you just wait for your profit. Let’s suppose you earn profit of Rs 100 , so total amount will be Rs 200. This Rs 200 amount shows that you have Bitcoins which worth Rs 200. When you withdraw your profit only then you again left with Rs 100. Now you again wait for profit and similar cycle goes on.

Let’s suppose you invest Rs 100 more on Bitcoin. Now, if you buy Bitcoin for Rs 100 more then this time you receive Bitcoin will be less as compare to previous purchase. Similarly if price goes on increasing then on every purchase of Rs 100 you will receive less Bitcoin. A time will come when Rs 100 will have 0 value of Bitcoin.

All this happen not instantly but after 1 year you can face this problem. Bitcoin can be purchase in fractions upto 10. Let’s suppose for on first purchase of Rs 100 you buy 0.00000010 Bitcoins then after few time it will be 0.00000001 and if you wait more then it will be 0.

This Bitcoin guide is for new traders only. We will add more tutorials on this Bitcoin Guide.

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