PHP API Tutorials

PHP is basically a web programming language and API is basically a tool or it can be protocol for developing web applications. API stands for Application Programming Interface. Generally API is used to get contents according to request or enabling login systems. API can be used in various types like logging system through third party websites, getting data from third party websites and many more. Combination of PHP and API is widely used by PHP Developers for their web applications or software applications. It is widely in use in the world web development. In devildoxx you will be able learn different PHP API’s provided by different websites like facebook etc.

How to get facebook numeric id of profile or page without any API ?

In this article I will show you how to get facebook profile or page numeric id without using any API…

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How to generate access token in Google API using PHP ?

Today I will show you how to generate access token for accessing google services using Google API PHP library . Its…

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How to find facebook id or url is a page or profile using Graph API without access token

In this tutorial, I will teach you “How to find facebook id or url is a page or profile using…

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