Download BGMI from App Store with all updates in any iOS device

Hi Guys, in this tutorial we will discuss about Update/Download BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) from App store after Ban. All we know that, BGML is recently ban from India. You can not see app in Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is very hard to Update/Download BGMI from third party source.

Downloading from third party source is very risky and may breach your security. But, you can Update/Download BGMI from App Store directly even it is not visible in App Store.

Update/Download BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) from App Store

If you have recently move from Android to iPhone then you can not download it. For downloading, you must fulfill the below requirements

Requirements to download/update BGMI

  1. Time period for uninstalling the BGMI is not more then 1 year.
  2. You must have downloaded BGMI before ban.

If your time period is more then 1 year from the date of uninstalling it. Then you can not download it.

Steps to download/update BGMI

Open App Store and then click on your profile icon as shown below

Download BGMI from App Store
App Store

New window will open then click on Purchased to view all App’s.

Click on Purchased to view all purchase apps
Click on Purchased to view all purchase apps

Now, you will see list of apps that you have installed and uninstalled as shown below. Click on “Not on this iPhone” to view uninstall apps.

App List
App List

Search for BGMI app in your uninstall apps list as shown below

Downloading BGMI
Downloading BGMI

After downloading, you can enjoy all latest updates without loosing any data.

Updating BGMI for latest updates

For updating BGMI, you have uninstall BGMI from your iOS device. Now, follow the same steps mention above and then you verify your version number. You will see, you got all the updates.

Note: This is not a trick. It is a bug in App Store, you similarly download all ban apps from App Store without any issue. For any type of tutorial request , feel free to contact here

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