Save all google photos to PC, mobile or laptop

In this lesson, we will discuss how to save all google photos to PC, mobile or laptop. All we know google photos is one of the most popular application by Google. You can save photos and videos in google photos. By Default, google provide 15GB of free storage in which you can original quality photos or optimized quality.

Most of the people have already purchase their bigger plans with storage 100GB, 1 TB and so on. But, most of the people do not want to spend money to buy storage.

You can snatch your money, by downloading all content in google photos in one click and then delete from Google Photos.

Steps to save All Google Photos

Visit and then sign in with your google account.

You will see list of google application, that you can export the data and download it. Just deselect all and choose google photos as shown below

Save all google photos
Select Google Photos

Now, scroll down and click Next Step

Select google photos from export
Click Next Step

Select file type and file size. Default it will be 2GB, but you can increase up to 50 GB. After selection, click on export

Choose file type and file size.
Click export to generate file

Once you click export, you will see export is in progress. After export, is completed you will receive an email with all download links.

Export is in progress
Export is in progress

Note, if you have filled up with 10 GB of storage. And you selected file size of 2GB then you have to download 5 different files with 2 GB size each. You can max download 50 GB file at one time.

How to download export files from Google Takeout?

If you are exporting huge amount data which means 50 to 100 GB or so on then it will take few days to receive all files. Once, it is exported then you will receive a email as shown below

download exported files

Click on Download your files and then it will show a list of files to download as shown below

list of files to download

Download each and every file. Once downloaded, you can unzip the files and see all your google photos.

Note: These download links are valid for 7 days only. After that, you have to generate the exports again. Once you downloaded and verified all files. Feel free to delete all photos from google photos. It will free up the space.

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