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Instantly earn money using Bitcoin and other digital currencies

In this bitcoin guide , we will learn how to earn money using Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Digital currency is the only way to earn money in a very short time period. All of us have hear that there is no shortcut to success but today it can be possible. If your need is only to earn money then read this full article. Bitcoin trading does not mean that you invest some money and wait for profit. You have to be active every time if you need to earn huge profits.

There are lot of digital currencies available but no digital currency will provide as much profit as Bitcoin does.

Requirements for instantly earn money using Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin Wallet
  2. 50000 or above money to invest on Bitcoin
  3. Smartphone with active internet 24×7
  4. Bank account

Steps to instantly earn money using Bitcoin

Earn money using Bitcoin

It is not necessary to invest minimum 50,000 INR in Bitcoin. You can invest money from INR 100 to any amount above it. Minimum investment results in minimum profit and it will take time to get a huge profit. We will discuss this face in two cases when you invest Minimum and when you invest Maximum.

Case 1 – Minimum Investment

Let’s suppose you have buy Bitcoin of Rs 1000 when Bitcoin price is 10 Lakh. After few hours Bitcoin price increase to 11 Lakh then your Rs 1000 will be increase to Rs 1100 approximately. So, the estimated profit is Rs 100. Now suppose, you sell all Bitcoins and in return you get Rs 1100.

Case 2 – Maximum Investment

Now, if you invest Rs 1,00,000 or you buy Bitcoins of Rs 1,00,000 when Bitcoin price is 10 Lakh. Now actual investment now is 100 times bigger then Case 1 Investment. So, if Bitcoin price increase more then 1 Lakh then your profit will also be 100 times bigger then Case 1 profit. Your profit will be equal to 10,000 if you invest Rs 1 Lakh.

You can not create a proper cycle of buy and sell in Case 1 but in Case 2 you can create a proper cycle. Suppose you earn Rs 10,000 as profit after investing Rs 1,00,000. Actual amount in your wallet will be Rs 1,10,000. Now suppose you sell Bitcoin of Rs 10,000 then you left with Rs 1,00,000 in your wallet. Again if price increase then again you will get 10,000 profit and you with draw it.

So, in same time you can get Rs 100 profit in Case 1 and Rs 10000 in Case 2. It depends upon your budget of investment. Never think that if you invest Rs 1000 and it will be increase to Rs 10000. It is possible only when you invest for a long time. You have to wait for 6 months if price keeps increasing.


Before buying you must check 1 week record of Bitcoin price. Analyze minimum amount that Bitcoin reach in one week and also maximum amount Bitcoin reach.




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