What is legal terrorism and how to be safe from it ?

Today, we will learn what is legal terrorism and how to be safe from legal terrors. Before starting, you must know that this is for information and awareness purpose only. I do not making any objection on Government or any other person, religion etc. This is for awareness what is happening not only in India but also several countries in world.

What is Legal Terrorism ?

All of us know about terrorism. Terrorism is basically harming people using unlawful violence for pursuit aim. In every country, terrorism is available. Terrorism in any way that aims to harm people is illegal but today terrorism is getting legal.

Terrorist are responsible for any type of terrorism but if government officials do terrorism then it is called legal terrorism. Legal terrorism is more dangerous then illegal terrorism because no one can interfere in such terrorism.

Reason Behind Legal Terrorism

The main reason behind such legal attacks is corruption. Not all cops work for money but if you notice in past few years you can see lot of such cases in India. These type of terrorism attacks are more notice whenever a girl report a illegal activity by a boy. In India, girls have given more power that they are misusing this power.

Police even don’t try find exact reason that prove a boy is wrong or right. They just notice girl and try to force boy to give money otherwise boy will be punish badly. Boy can not do anything in these cases because police will make fake cases on him.

There are lot of other fake cases in which political leaders try to make fake cases on a individual who is even right. So, every terrorism in which innocent people are scolded without any reason by government officials comes under legal terrorism.

How to be safe from legal terrorism ?

First important thing to be followed by every individual is that never trust any one. Do not interfere in public activities even it is for good purpose. If you are relationship then do not depend upon your partner because you don’t know what will happen in future. Do not share private videos, pictures with your partner. Check below instructions to be safe from Legal terrorism.

  1. Always use brand smartphone like Samsung, Apple, Nokia etc. Do not go for other brands. Main reason behind it is branded smartphone are more secure as compare to cheap brands.
  2. Always keep call recording on.
  3. Backup your data weekly or daily.
  4. Use CCTV cameras outside your home and places where you think is not safe.
  5. Keep checking CCTV recordings daily or weekly.
  6. Read some basic laws and rights of an individual according to your country. This will help you if police try to trap you.
  7. Make strong passwords of all accounts including gmail, net banking etc.
  8. Turn off your browser history.
  9. Never interfere in other people fights.
  10. If you are in a important meeting with someone then keep voice recording or hidden cam recording also. You can check this article for secretly recording any video.

All these are basics for being safe in India as well as other countries. India is that country where people do not feel safe if they go to Police station.

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