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Download Facebook video that you receive or send in Inbox on computer

In this web hack, you can learn how to download Facebook video sent in private message on your computer. This trick does not need any third party software like IDM or any other because it does not need any of it. Simple trick and can be use on any browser available on your Windows. Before starting you must know that download Facebook video even sent in private message is against Facebook community standards. By using this trick, you can download any video receive in private message or your page inbox.

Steps to download Facebook video received or sent in Inbox

1. Open you browser and then open your Facebook account by log in.

2. Now open your messages by clicking here or simply open from top menu

Download Facebook Video

3. Open any of your friend message and then look for any video he/she sent. For testing purpose send a video to your friend.

4. If you look in above image then you can see that every image has 3 dots and one forward button as shown above.

5. Click on 3 dots then a menu will open in pop up as shown above.

6. Click on Save to Facebook and then pop up message will show you something like below

Save on Facebook

7. Now click on View your saved itemsĀ then it will redirect to your save items and new page will open as shown below

Save Facebook Video

8. Now you can see list of videos that you save in your save items. Right on any video and click Save link asĀ then it will ask for location where you want to save video on your computer.

That’s it your video is downloaded on your computer without any software. Remember it will download video of same quality as received in your message inbox. You can save any video from your inbox and even from your page inbox. But remember you can not download video that you save from post.

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