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Chat using Pay TM and send money to your friends with Pay TM Inbox

In this technical news, we will talk about Pay TM feature that is Chat using Pay TM app and pay directly to your friends. Pay TM recently roll out new update of their app in Android. This new update comes with few new features and updated app performance. Out of these new feature one of them is Inbox in which you can chat directly with your contacts that have Pay TM and then transfer money within it. Pay TM with this feature has beat all payments app with this feature. No other apps provide chat option with transfer money option directly.

How to chat using Pay TM app and pay directly to your friends

1. Download or update Pay TM first in your smartphone and then open it.

2. When you open Pay TM app and then you can see Inbox icon on bottom right side of app.

3. Which you tap on Inbox then a new window will open as shown below

Chat using Pay TM

4. Now tap on sky blue plus icon as shown above to chat with your friend. It will show you all contacts then choose a friend you want to chat with.

5. When you have selected a friend then a new window will open showing you option typing message and send money option as shown below

Chat With Friend using Pay TM app

6. Now you can see options for Chat, Sending pictures, Money and location option inside Pay TM app.

In this way you can send messages, pictures, videos, money and location using Pay TM app Inbox features. This feature is available now for Android and will soon launch for iOS also. This feature of Pay TM inbox has make Pay TM on the top of all other Payments app specially Mobikwik , Airtel and others. However, this is a new feature not know it can handle chat load or not.

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