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What is Phishing and how to hack passwords using Phishing ?

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  • How to hack Facebook using Phishing

In this web hacks, we will discuss about Phishing in detail and how you can hack using Phishing. For starting further you must have knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS. It is the only hacking technique which can not be detected easily by common people so they reveal their password in these pages.

What is Phishing ?

Phishing is basically a hacking technique in which we create a similar page or clone page of original website like Facebook, Twitter etc. When you open then you can see Facebook login page first, if we you create same design and look page then this is Phishing page.


In these pages you can control login details of others by saving it in database. In this way you can hack username and password of any user by sending them link of your created page.

How to hack passwords using Phishing ?

Let’s suppose you want to hack password of Facebook account. You can have to create two page one for mobile device and second is for desktop. Facebook login page is different in mobile an desktop devices. So, if you send desktop page link to the target user then user can easily detect fake page.

Create desktop page exactly similar to Facebook login page on desktop. Make it responsive upto laptop and tablet sizes. Now in login form change action URL to your URL where you will save credentials.

Similarly for mobile devices, create exactly same page like Facebook login page on mobile. Now, the important part you can send link to any one but URL of this page will not be For fixing it create a new page which is fully responsive and add button Login With Facebook. When user click on it then your phishing page will open. You can change Address bar URL to using JavaScript when user visit your page.


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