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How to start earning money using YouTube with in a single day

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  • Earn money instantly on YouTube

Hello guys, in this web hack I will show you how you can start earning money using YouTube with in a single day. If your mind is only need to earn money and don’t popularity like popular YouTuber’s then read this tutorials. There are two ways by which you can earn on YouTube one is adsense and second is sponsors base videos. Using this trick you can only earn using Adsense.

Earning money using YouTube with in a single day


If you have just start on YouTube and then you need a push to grow your channel. This push can be provided by collaborating with other popular YouTubers. However, no popular YouTuber will give a push if you have zero subscribers. There is also other ways to get a push for your YouTube channel. For instant push follow steps below


  1. One smartphone with good camera and processing power.
  2. Good Internet connection at least 20 – 30 Mbps speed.
  3. 5-6 Facebook, Twitter and other social network accounts.
  4. 5-6 Social Pages like Facebook page, Twitter etc.
  5. Try to be member of multiple groups in Facebook and Google plus.
  6. Last important thing you must create accounts is popular Live cam streams like Bigo, MeMe etc.

Get Instant Push for YouTube Channel

If you have fulfill all requirements then follow below steps to get instant push for your YouTube channel.

Using Social Accounts

Try to surf all your social accounts and keep find unique and viral videos. Download these videos and upload it on your channel because most of them are unique videos. After uploading share it all groups, pages and accounts.

Using Live Streaming Apps

Uploading porn videos or nude videos is ban in your channel but wardrobe malfunctions is very much popular and in great demand. Try to watch Live Streaming of hot girls on Bigo and other apps. Use Screen recorder to record oops moments of hot girls and upload it on YouTube.

All these videos will give a push because most of people definitely watch wardrobe videos and popular videos. Try to add keywords related to wardrobe on all videos with little description. Remember these videos are just for instant money earning using YouTube. If you want to be famous YouTuber then try to create unique or breaking news videos.


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