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Pop up ads blocking in any browser without using any software or plugin

In this tech guide, you will learn how to block pop up ads in any browser without using any software or plugin. Today, there are many websites who run such pop up ads to earn money using their visitors click. You can see many website in which you click on any part of website it open lot of pop ups. These ads forced you to visit other websites. However, these ads are very dangerous for people specially for children.  These ads can contain pornography also. Mostly illegal websites run such type of ads for earning money.

Steps to block pop up ads in any browser

It does not matter you are using laptop, mobile or any device. If you have a browser like Mozilla, Chrome or Microsoft Edge then you definitely block such ads using some simple steps. Almost all browsers have these option that we are going to learn here but  not 100% browsers will allow you.

Block Ads in Desktop or Laptop

In Chrome Browser

  1. Open your Chrome browser and open a URL that you know contain such type of ads like thepiratebay.org.
  2. You can see Secure Icon in some websites but not in all as shown below
  3. In some website you can see grey icon instead of green secure lock as shown below
  4. Just click and a menu will open in drop down as shown below
  5. Scroll to JavaScript and click Always block on this site then it will ask for reload page. Now you enjoy pop up ads free website without any software or plugin.

In Mozilla Browser

  1. Open any website which is full of pop up ads then you can see similar icons like green lock icon, grey icon just like above
  2. Now open link in new tab about:config”  without quotes as show below
    Block Pop Up Ads Mozilla
  3. You will see a warning showing message that “This might void your warranty” then Click on I accept the risk.
  4. New page will open that will show you a search box and below various options. Just search for JavaScript as show below
    Disable JavaScript in Mozilla
  5. Double click on JavaScript and change value to false. Remember this option will disable JavaScript on all websites. You cannot disable JavaScript on a single website. Third party plugins can be used in it but it can harm your PC. It is better to enable JavaScript once you are completed with particular website you browse without pop up ads.

In Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are very secured browser so 60% JavaScript blocked by default when you open it these browsers. Yes, you can browse website without pop up ads by default but you can face lot of lags while browsing such websites. So, do not use them because browsing website on these browsers are completely time waste.

Block Ads in Mobile

In Chrome Browser

  1. Just open any website in chrome browser mobile as shown below
  2. Now Click on 3 dots on left side as show above then a menu will open as shown below
    Block Pop Up Ads Mobile
  3. Click on Settings a new window will open showing you all settings as shown below
  4. Now click on Site Settings
    Javascipt Option in Chrome Mobile
  5. Now you will see option for disable and enable java script on particular website. You can enjoy website without any pop up ads.

For Mozilla and Other Mobile Browsers

Mozilla mobile browser does not have any option for disabling JavaScript for particular website or all websites. There are many other browser which may support or not support this option. In all browser you can find option in Settings then Site Settings or Simply they will give you option for disabling Javascript

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