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How to track girl friend or any person using Whats App?

In this web hack, you can learn how to track girl friend or any person using Whats App. If you are losing trust on your girl friend then this is the best trick to know How much loyal is your girl friend. This trick is not only for couples but also for parents who want to track their children. For tracking you must install whats app in your girl friend or person smartphone.

Steps to track girl friend or any person using Whats App

In this trick, I am tracking my own location from my secondary device. Both devices have Whats app install in it and GPS is on. I am tracking my primary device from my secondary device. Follow the steps below for further procedure.


Open whats app in your girl friend smartphone and then open conversation between your girl friend and you.


Now when you open conversation then there will be attachment icon as shown below

Track your girl friend

Click on attachment icon and then a menu will open as shown above.


Click on Location icon and then you can see option for sending live location or current location. Click on Share live location.


When you click on Share live location then you will see alert message box like below

Share Live Location Confirm Message

Click continue and then it will ask for how much time you want to share live location. If your girl friend is going for 1 hour then choose one hour otherwise best option is 8 hour. You can not choose custom hours.

Share Live Location Time in Whats App


Click send button to send this live location to you. Once location is sent then open all conversation and tap your conversation and hold to make conversation in archive.

Track Girl Freind

Once you have share live location then you will receive message something like below

Track Girl friend

When you click on map then it will show exact location where is your girl friend now. For more security send this location to number that is not known to your girl friend. So, when she try to message you then she will not know that you have share this location live.

Similarly, parents can also track their children using this feature.


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