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Delete Facebook account permanently in one single step

In this web tutorial, you will learn how you can delete Facebook account permanently in one single step. Recently, Facebook has update account settings due to which it is difficult find previous features. Facebook never show permanent delete button before as well as now. You have to submit a request for deleting account but process take a lot of time. So, in this tutorial you can simply delete Facebook account in one single step.

Delete Facebook Account in one single step

Open any browser and then log in to your Facebook account.


After log in click here then you can see something like below

Delete facebook account

Click on delete my account then Facebook will ask for security code using recaptcha. Fill security code and then your whole account, applications and everything will be deactivate. You will see final message that your account will be delete completely after 14 day’s. Do not log in your account again otherwise it will reactivate your account and 14 days will start from that day again.

14 Day’s time period is for warning in case you change your mind for activating Facebook back again. Facebook was good when network was start. But day by day security and content on Facebook is getting worse and worse. Million’s people post graphic violence content and Facebook only hide image but content is still there. Soft heart person’s have bad effect of these posts. Even Facebook support is very poor. A single complain is reply in maximum 3 day’s.

With the new update of live video option, Facebook think’s it is a great option for people who want to stream live events. But people posting their suicide video’s on Facebook. Yes, there are lot of tense people but that does not mean you should post it on Facebook. Remember many people can have a bad impact on their mind’s and even they will also do it.

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