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Create disposable email for hacking and creating fake profiles

In this web hack, we will talk about disposable email that can be use in hacking or creating fake profiles. Before creating your own disposable email you must know that it is illegal. You can use it for any type of illegal activity but at your own risk. Major benefit of this email is using it for social media marketing.

Steps to create disposable email

Open your browser then open website https://10minutemail.com/

Disposable Email

You can see that a web page is open showing your disposable email. Now send a test email to this disposable email using your personal email account as shown below

Send test email to disposable email

After sending test email from personal account, you will receive this test email in your disposable email inbox as shown below

Disposable Email Inbox

Click on email then it will open email content inside it as shown below

You can also increase the time limit of your disposable email. Click on refresh icon on right side of time counter. Refresh icon will add 10 more minutes to your email account.

Now you can see that incoming to disposable email works fine. Use this email for sign up in different social media platform. You will receive verification code in your disposable email when you sign up.


  1. It save times for creating social media accounts.
  2. It does not need any personal information of yours.
  3. Works on every social media platform because some emails are ban in social networks.
  4. All emails are unique so there is no chance of same email use by other.
  5. Very fast and hide your identity.


  1. It is illegal because you can use it for illegal activities.
  2. Limited time.
  3. You can not use it in future in case you forgot password.
  4. Not works everywhere like for banks etc.
  5. It can increase cyber crimes.


This tutorial is for information purpose only. We are not paid for promoting website. Creating disposable and using for illegal activities is at your own risk.

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