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How to hack Facebook account using different tricks ?

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  • Hack Facebook Account using Wifi
  • Hack Facebook Account using Phishing

In this web hack you will learn how to hack Facebook account in 3 steps using phishing. Before start you must know that hack Facebook account is illegal. This tutorial is just for awareness so that you must know how hackers can hack Facebook account. There are total two tricks using which you can hack Facebook Account.

Tricks to hack Facebook Account

  1. Wifi
  2. Phishing

Hack Facebook Account Using Wifi

You can hack Facebook account using your own WiFi but victim must be on same WiFi network. For example, if you want to hack your Friend Facebook account or any of your family member then all must be on same Wifi network. Follow below steps to hack Facebook Account using Wifi

Step 1

Download WinPcap software from here and then install it. This software works only in Windows operating system. Follow the instructions below for installation process.


  1. Download and run the executable
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. The installation applet will automatically detect the operating system and install the correct drivers
  3. The WinPcap-based applications are now ready to work
  4. To remove WinPcap from the system, go to the Control Panel, click on “Add/Remove programs” and then select “WinPcap”

Step 2

Download Firesheep extension for Mozilla Firefox from here and then install it in your browser.

Step 3

Open Mozilla browser and then visit View>FireSheep as shown below

hack facebook account

When you open firsheep then you will see firesheep window with button Start capturing. Click on Start Capturing button then firesheep will keep saving all login information from your Wifi Network.

Where Wifi tricks are used

These tricks are basically use in cyber cafe to capture customer details. So, if you are using net banking or something else which is personal then beware of it. It can also be use against you by black mailing you. So, do not open Any type of account in cyber cafe.

This is only a single trick for WiFi but there are lot of many tricks available on WiFi hacking. In all tricks, you must be on same WiFi network otherwise it will not work.

How to prevent hacking from WiFi Network

  1. Never login to any account if you are using public WiFi, Cyber Cafe WiFi or any other place with free WiFi. If you are using your friend WiFi and you trust your friend then it is fine.
  2. In case of emergency you are using public WiFi then immediately change your account password after you have complete your emergency task like calling to family etc.
  3. Add 2 step verification for your social network login or bank login if your bank provide it.
  4. Install trusted Antivirus program in  your device so you will get alert for risky WiFi networks.

Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing

Before starting you must have basic knowledge of web development. Phishing basically means a web page that is only created for storing sensitive information of victims. These type of web pages look similar to their original website but these pages work only for hacking. For example, if you want to hack Facebook account then create login page similar to original Facebook page. Upload your page to any free domain and then send link to your friend with some attractive message.

Only difference between fake Facebook login and original login page is that you can control login credentials on fake page. Whenever user submit form using fake login page then you can save it to database or send directly to your email.


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