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How to destroy gadgets using pen drive – USB Kill 3.0 Tutorial

In this tech hacks, you will learn how to destroy gadgets using pen drive that is USB Kill 3.0. Remember any gadget destroy with USB Kill 3.0 will void your device warranty. So, please do not use it if you do not know what is USB Kill 3.0. You can destroy any smartphone, laptop, play station or any device that supports USB. There is no solution for the damage cause by this device that;’s device manufacturers do not give any warranty.

Destroy Gadgets using pen drive USB Kill

Let’s move straight to our topic that is how to destroy gadgets using this device.

USB Kill
USB Kill
  1. Buy this pen drive from any online store or offline store. You can buy it online from here .
  2. Just plug it into any device that you want to destroy and then wait for the electric spark.
  3. Make sure that your device is power on when this device is plug in.
  4. When electric spark stop then your device will automatically get power off.
  5. That’s it your device is destroyed completely. Try power on it will not work.

What is USB Kill ?

USB Kill is a device which looks similar to normal pen drives but works for destroying gadgets. These type of devices are basically use by hackers. Hacker’s use to destroy data using this pen drive when they want to escape from a place. You can watch movie Die Hard 4 for more details.

How USB Kill works ?

There is no software inside this device killer that destroy gadgets. It has some mechanism by which it try to short circuit gadget’s chip like motherboard etc. It try to give some more voltage to gadget that’s a reason you can listen electric spark sound when USB Kill plug in.

These devices are not easily available and many smartphones companies are trying to prevent this device. Apple Iphone, Samsung and all other brands have fail to prevent this device. Presently only Google Pixel devices are capable to handle this USB device. There is no impact of this device on Google Pixel devices.

Uses of USB Kill

  1. If you want to get rid of office for some time then just plug it and enjoy some time.
  2. Take revenge with your friends.
  3. Destroy government computers.
  4. Any type of illegal activity.

Prevent USB Kill

Not in Google Pixel smartphones but there are lot of other devices like Tesla car chip etc has no impact of this device. Manufactures have to use some technology like Google use to prevent this device. As people are less aware of this device so manufacturers take benefit of it.

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