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Crack Software and Game can be dangerous for your privacy

Crack Software and game is very dangerous for your privacy. How, they can effect your privacy ? Today we will discuss about this in detail. There is a huge trend of downloading software or games and then use it for free by using cracks or any other tool.

However, this trend is going down slowly in current world. People are getting more aware of software’s and game’s that is use by crack’s. These awareness is not cause by crack software’s and game’s. It is due to software’s that are not crack. Like UC Browser and other apps . People have a scare now if they will use crack software then they don’t know what data it can steal from you.

How Crack Software and Game can be dangerous ?

The word crack in software or game mean modifying software internal file’s then making it free or making it to harm user’s of this software’s. If you are software engineer then you know that how to steal data by writing some line of code.

Crack Software and Game

Not All software’s crack can harm your system or privacy. But there are some hacker’s available who make the software or game free to use but they also put efforts to earn from user who install this software. Once you install it, hacker will force you to pay money to get free from malicious code or attack.

Crack software’s and game are basically modify by hacker’s only. The main purpose of cracking software or game is to earn money.

How they effect your privacy ?

Once you install a crack software or game then you can play or use it in a normal way. But, you don’t what is happening in the background. These things can steal your private data by executing some malicious code while installing. Data can be your private pictures, bank details saved or any type of private data.

Mostly, youngster and people who have less knowledge about these things are target. There are million of cybercrime cases that is just because of these software’s and game.

Why people use crack software and game ?

Let’s talk about game first. You buy a game and then you played. Once your game is completed then you will not open this game again. You have reach the end of game. If you bought this game for Rs 2000 then it is of no use now. To save this money gamer’s try to use crack game’s.

Similarly, for software. Let’s suppose I need a software for temporary purpose like PDF to Doc convertor, burn ISO file to DVD etc. If I will buy software then in few day’s it is of no use. That’s the reason user try to use these things.

Prevent use of crack software and game

You can try XBox Live App for games that provide Rs 800 approximately monthly subscription. You can play unlimited games for one month. If you reach end of 4-5 games in a month then it is totally worth it. Similarly, mostly software’s manufactures are providing trial version’s and also discount on first purchase.

For XBox Live

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