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Potential track Attempts block and stay secure while using any device

Here we will discuss how to block Potential Track Attempts. Cybercrime is increasing day by day. We all know that we are not secure only but still we be online and trust websites, software etc. Some of the trusted website’s are,, and many more. Most of the people think these are trustable but actually they are not.

Behind the scenes, these trustable websites steal your activities like which things you like to browse, your location etc. Based on steal things they show variety advertisements related to your likes. So, you will be attracted and buy from ads. Potential tracking is related to this things. Company potential track user activities to increase their business.

What is Potential Track Attempts ?

Let’s suppose you want to search some thing in google or any search engine. What you will do ? . You will go to then type your query and then search it. Google will now access your location behind the scenes then it show results based on location and your query. This is not potential tracking. This is non potential attempt.

If you visit any website that does not have any link with your location but still it is accessing your location. Then it is called potential attempt. For example, you visit then it will try potential track of your location.

Potential track attempt

Does gmail really needs your location ?

The answer is no. Gmail is basically a free service by Google to send/receive emails. But how Google will earn from free services. This is the reason for potential track attempt. Gmail access your location and based on that it will show ads in same format as you see your email looks. That’s why on the top you can see 2 google ads.

Potential track attempt

This is the source for google to earn money from gmail. However, if you block this attempt still you will seeing these ads. But, it will be not based on your location. Similarly, there are many website’s , software’s and application’s that do these unwanted attempts.

How to block Potential Track Attempts ?

There are many software’s available for blocking this track attempts. One of the best software is Avast Anti Track. It support’s all device’s and cost just $2 per month. It not only block website’s but also block software’s or any malicious file trying potential attempt.

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