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Update and install drivers for laptops or desktops using Driver Booster free

In this tutorial, you will learn easiest way to install drivers for your laptops and desktops using Driver Booster. If you have purchase ready made desktop or laptop then big problem is less drive problems. However, newly bought laptop and desktop do not need any drivers because all drivers are already install in it. But some laptop and desktop do not come with operating system. In that case, you have to research a lot on drivers and then install it. There are two ways to install drivers on your laptop and desktop.

  1. Read manual or Install CPU Id software to get details about hardware and then manually search each driver.
  2. Download Driver Installer software for installing drivers which automatically detects and install drivers related to your laptop and desktop.

Step 1 is very length and boring if you manually search drivers for your system. And if you perform step 2 then you must know best driver installer software. Almost all driver software installer are paid but you can use to Driver Booster by iobit. This software will help you to install all drivers related to your hardware configuration free.

Steps to Update and install drivers for laptops or desktops using Driver Booster

Before start using Driver Booster you must have a operating system install in your laptop or desktop. You can use this software in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is not for linux, ubuntu or any other operating system that are custom.

1. Download Driver Booster Set up file from here

Install drivers for laptop or desktop

2. After downloading setup file, run setup file and follow the installing instructions. It does not need any specific configuration for installing.

3. Wait for installation completion and then run it a window will open something like below

Driver Booster Tutorials

4. Click on scan and then wait for scan completion.

5. After scanning complete, you will see list of mandatory drivers for your laptop or desktop that are outdated or need to be install.

Driver Booster Software List

6. If no drivers found in your laptop and desktop then instead of up to date you will see not available. A update button will be visible if any driver is missing in your system. Click on Update and then wait for all drivers to be install in your system completely

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