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Syncios Back Up of smartphone to your Desktop and Laptop

In this tutorial, you will learn how take back up of smartphone to your Desktop and Laptop using Syncios. You can take back up of your Android phones as well as iOS phones with some simple steps. Almost all smartphones comes with cloud back up system but it takes a lot time to save all data in cloud. If you want to reset your smartphone then you have to take back up to cloud. Cloud Back up is also secure type back up these days but not if you have data to be back up of approximate 10 GB. More GB data more time to back up to cloud.

So, in this tutorial we will learn how to take back of smartphone to your laptop and desktop. This is also called offline back up in which you store your data in local devices. This is not a secure back up but you can back up data for temporary purpose. You can use this tutorial for taking back up during resetting your smartphone. Not only smartphones you can also take back up of tablets as well.

Steps to take Back Up of smartphone to your desktop and laptop using Syncios

You need laptop or desktop to take back up of your smartphone.

Download Syncios Software for windows and mac from here as show below

If you are using windows operating system then click on Win Version otherwise use Mac Version for Mac operating systems.

Wait for the download to complete then double click on set up file to install it. Once you install set up then click Syncios icon on desktop to open it. A new window will open something like below

Syncios Application Windows

You can see also options as shown above. Now, first enable USB debugging from Settings > Developers Tools > USB Debugging. Once you enable USB Debugging then connect your smartphone to your desktop or laptop. Syncios will automatically detect your device and then show a window as shown below

Connect Device to Syncios

Now you can see you number of options to be back up like contacts, media. applications etc.. Let’s suppose you want to back up your contacts then check on contacts and click on start copy.

It will take some to back up your contacts depending upon the number of contacts you have in your phone. Once back up complete you will see a screen that showing your contacts are back up.


Importing Back Up Contacts


Importing Contacts From Desktop

Open Syncios application again or just click go back if you are on back up screen. Click Restore from PC as shown above in screenshot. Connect your device to your PC again after enabling USB Debugging mode.

You will see list of devices on first block and in second you will see list of items that you can import from PC. Choose the items you want restore and then click on start copy. It will automatically restore all contacts that are back up in your PC. In this way you can take up back up  of photos, media, contacts, sms and apps also.

Hope this article is useful for taking back up of your smartphone. Comment down below for any question.

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