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Fix all types of dll file errors in any Windows Operating System

Hello guys, in this tutorial you can learn how to fix all types of dll file errors in Windows Operating System. These dll file errors mostly come when you have install a fresh operating system and try to install another software and games. You can not know for which dependencies of windows you are getting these errors. DLL files errors generally occur due to missing visual composer files. There are lot of software’s that provide specific dll files but this is not perfect solution for it. You have to pay some amount to software’s to fix errors.

Steps to fix all dll file errors in Windows

1. First open control panel and then click Uninstall a program in Windows 7. If you are using Windows 10 then Open My PC and then on the top toolbar you can see option for uninstall programs.

DLL file errors

2. When you click Uninstall a program then a new window will open as shown below

Uninstall Programs

3. You can see a list of Microsoft Visual C++ with package year. Download all Visual composer in a series. It depends upon the version year of Windows you installed.

If you install Windows 7  of year 2012 then you will get preinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and 2012 by default. Download Microsoft Visual 2015 and Microsoft Visual 2010 then run software that shows dll file error. These Microsoft Visual C++ fix all dll errors in your window.

There are total 6 versions of Microsoft Visual C++ series. It is recommended to download all versions because all are mandatory for running latest software and games.

6 versions of Microsoft Visual C++

  1. 2008 Microsoft Visual C++
  2. 2010 Microsoft Visual C++
  3. 2012 Microsoft Visual C++
  4. 2013 Microsoft Visual C++
  5. 2015 Microsoft Visual C++
  6. 2017 Microsoft Visual C++

Upto version 2015 will fix your all dll file errors . So instead of finding single dll file then download it and install. You can fix all errors my downloading above versions of Microsoft Visual C++. If you still facing errors then comment download below or contact us at

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