Get Adsense account approve instantly with no website content

Hello guys, this is short tutorial in which you learn how to get Adsense account approve with no website content. Daily thousands of users register for Adsense account approve but only few get success. This is due to terms and conditions of Adsense account. Before submitting website for adsense account approve, you must be sure that your website has all capabilities for adsense account approval. Following are some guideline if you want to approve your adsense account for website.

  1. Your website must be 6 months old.
  2. At least 50-60 minimum articles must be publish in your website.
  3. Each article must have 300 minimum words content.
  4. Proper meta tags must be use in website.
  5. Don’t use more than 30 headings in a article
  6. There must be 1 <h1> heading and 1 <h2> heading.

If your website fulfill allĀ  guidelines above only then your adsense account get approve. But if you still want to approve your adsense account without suspension then read full tutorial.

Steps to get Adsense account approve without any website content

Before starting, you must know that getting adsense account approve does not mean that you don’t have to follow above guidelines. By this method you will get enough time to write articles and side by side earn money without waiting for 6 months.

1. First think about some unique and attractive domain name.

2. Search domain in Google and check if there already similar domain websites.

3. If there already similar domain websites then try another domain name that is unique.

4. Register domain and set coming soon page.

5. Now open YouTube and create channel with same domain name.

6. Once you create your channel then go to Creator Studio as shown below

Get Adsense Account Approve

7. A new window will open showing your creator studio options. Now click on Channel on right side bar menu and then click monetization as shown below

Youtube Channel Monetization

8. Now you can see option for Adsense and here you can create your adsense account.

Getting Adsense Account Approve

If you have not created your adsense account then there will be green ticks like above.You will see option to create adsense account that will redirect you to Google adsense. Sign up as new adsense account and it will automatically catch YouTube channel url.

After Sign up you will be redirected to YouTube back. Now open adsense website in new tab and sign in with same email that you connect with YouTube. You can see that your account is approved successfully.

Adsense Account Approve

Go to Settings and add your domain. After that click on My Ads to create Ad Codes for your website. Now you can earn from YouTube and also from your website. Now you have enough time for setting up and writing articles for website. You can add multiple websites on your adsense account.

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