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MongoDB Atlas – Basic Guide to set up and start using it

In this short guide, we will discuss about how to install MongoDB Atlas and build in some collection in Windows. MongoDB is a very popular database used by millions of companies and users. There are variety of MongoDB Version’s based on your requirement. MongoDB Atlas is a cloud database which you can access anywhere in the world.

We will discuss more about MongoDB Atlas in the end. Let’s start with install process.

Set up MongoDB Atlas

Visit here and then register yourself to use MongoDB Atlas

Register for MongoDB Atlas
Register for MongoDB Atlas

I am using Google Account for registering. After Sign Up, you will see below page

Policies and terms

Read and accept Privacy Policy / Terms of Services and then click submit Button. We highly recommend to read their policies and terms then click on Submit.

After all above steps, you will see below page

create mongodb cloud organization
Create Organization MongoDB Atlas

Click on create organization and then you will see organization form

organization in mongodb
Create Organization Form

Fill your organization name (Any name) and then select MongoDB Atlas. In the bottom, you can see Next button. Click on that button then you will see

Permission for Organization

Now simply click on Create organization and then wait for next page. You will be redirect to Project page. Click on Create Project and then fill project form as shown below

Create Project

On Click Next you will see permission page for your project. Simply click Create Project Button as shown in below screenshot.

Project Permission

You will see Database Deployment page when you click on Create project.

Cluster Atlas
Database Deployment Page

Build a Database in MongoDB Atlas

Click on Build a Database then select your cloud database type. I select shared as it is only for tutorial

Shared Cluster
Deploy Cloud Database

Click on Create and then it will start creating your cluster. It will ask to configure your cluster as shown below

Configure Cluster
Cluster Configuration

Configure as per your requirement. I selected all default and then click on Create Cluster

It will take some time to deploy a new cluster. You will be redirect to Database Deployment Page again.

Deploying Cluster
Database Deployment Page

You can see one info message “We are deploying your changes”. It can take 5 to 10 minutes to create a new cluster.

Once your cluster is created then you will see your cluster as shown below

List of clusters

We are done with the installation process of MongoDB Atlas.

Connect to your MongoDB Cluster

on Connect button use this cluster for creating collection in your MongoDB Client . You can use MongoDB Compass and then start working.

Connect to Mongo Cluster
Connect to MongoDB Cluster

Choose Connection IP address as per your requirement . I select my current IP but you can select as per your need. Create Your Database User and then click on Choose a connection method.

method for connect monogodb atlas cluster
Connection Method

I prefer to use MongoDB Compass. Now you can start using MongoDB Cloud. In next article we will discuss about create collection in MongoDB Atlass till then you can contact here for any query

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