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Google Allo fails Apple Siri, BixBy and all other personal assistants

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  • Google Allo fails all other personal assistants

In this technical news, we will discuss about the world’s best personal assistant Google Allo. Apple Siri, Alexa, BixBy and many more personal assistant are available today. But which one is the best personal assistant. HereĀ Marques Brownlee perform a battle between all popular personal assistant and shocking results we get. Allo fails all personal assistants in performance, conversation and activities.

Why Google Allo is the world’s best personal assistant ?

First Allo is developed and owned by Google. Just Google name is enough to show how much better is then other personal assistant. When Allo was launch at that time it was not as good as Siri. But now things have change a lot. From video you can see that Allo is better in


Google Allo is better in conversation with you. Other assistants fail to make a proper conversation. Google Assistant have similar brain like 6 year old kid brain. So, conversation to Allo is as similar as you talk with 6 year old kid.

Better Search Results

Google Allo with the power of Google Search engine can give you every answer to your question while others can not give you all answers.


Apple Siri is faster then Google Allo. Apple Siri only do faster response if Siri knows your answer. Google Allo performance is not much faster and not much slower.


Apple Siri or any other personal assistant do not save any history but Google Allo saves all your conversation.

Parental Control

As we already discuss Google Allo has a brain of 6 year old kid. So, if you make adult conversation then you can not do this with Allo. It is just for personal help or doing activities without touching your smartphone.

Google is really doing better in AI technology specially in smartphones, cars and homes. Many other brands are trying to create or develop their AI personal assistant but no one has beat Allo yet.


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