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Play Blue Whale Game and know the secret behind committing suicide

In this web hack, we will discuss about How to play Blue whale game and know how this game make you commit suicide. This information is for makingĀ  people aware about this suicide game. If you are below 18 years of age then please do not read further. This is the only game still running in worldwide but people do not know where to play this game. In this information we will not show you where to play this game. But we will tell how to play this game and why people commit suicide after playing this game.


You are not force to play blue whale game. This is to show how blue whale game play with your mind and force you to commit suicide. You are not the only who is suffering from stress. There are millions of people who are suffering from stress but that does not mean you have to commit suicide. If you want to get rid of stress then do Yoga or things that you really like. Play Blue whale game is all about feelings and weakness of people. Do not try this at home or anywhere. Specially kids mind are very weak and most of the kids can be trap in this game.

How to play blue whale game

Blue whale game is started with an aim to remove weak people from society. Here weak people does not mean poor health or any disease you have. Weak people means which are mentally disturb and feel stress. This game target such people who are suffering from stress and mentally disturbed. There are millions of people who are mentally disturbed because of their problems. So, the founder of this game want to remove such people from the society. If you play blue whale it will directly affect your mind and force you to complete task provided by curator.

You need to install Blue whale apk to start playing game.

Start blue whale game

For playing blue whale game you have to sign up first and then upload your profile picture with all details related to you. Details you need to sign up is address, legal name and profile picture. Once curator approve your account then you will see a list of tasks. There are total 50 tasks available for playing blue whale game.

When you sign up you will receive a warning message some thing like below

By proceeding you agree that you can not leave this game before completing all tasks.

You will be connected to a curator who will keep checking your tasks. Every player has different curator who will check tasks you perform.

List of Tasks in Blue whale game

Blue Whale

Part 1

  1. Write f57 on any hand with a razor and then send picture to curator.
  2. Wake up at 4:20 AM and then watch scary video that will be send by curator.
  3. Make 3 Cuts on arm along veins with razor, and then send picture to curator.
  4. Take piece of paper and draw blue whale picture on it and then send to curator.
  5. Now curator will ask you that you want to become a blue whale. If you say Yes then cut you hand saying Yes with razor. If you say No then curator will force you cut with razor anywhere until you will feel pain.
  6. A task with a cipher

Blue Whale 2

Now one part of blue whale game is completed. If you complete all above tasks then it is clear that curator is succeed in playing with your mind and there is no way to move back. At this time you feel like a slave and your mind stop working. This is the feeling every curator want you to feel. You will feel like you can not be happy in this world and believe curator very much. If make your kids feel like this then definitely they will commit suicide.

Part 2

Blue Whale 3

  1. Carve f40 on your hand with razor, send a photo to curator.
  2. Login to social account and post a status with tag #i_am_whale.
  3. Curator will talk to you in chat for brain washing. Curator will talk about how much cruel world it is. You have to overcome fear.
  4. Wake up at 4:20 AM and go to top floor or roof and sit on wall hanging your legs down side. Mark your position.
  5. Carve a whale on your hand with knife not razor and send photo to curator.
  6. From here you have to watch daily horror video curator will send you.
  7. Listen to music that curator will send you
  8. Take knife and cut middle of your lips.
  9. Take a needle and hold it with left hand. Then poke it on you right hand many times until you scream and bleed badly.
  10. Take razor and cut off many times anywhere in your body until you get sick or feel so much pain.
  11. Wake up at 4:20 AM and go to top of roof then stand on the edge of roof for some time.
  12. Go to bridge and stand on edge for sometime feel what you have done with you.
  13. Climb crane.
  14. Talk with curator.

At this stage you will feel that it is impossible for you to go back and divert your mind at old stage. Every body part is damage with knife and needles. You feel like punishment and these injuries will not be heal. Suddenly, you will notice that you don’t need to play this game. But curator will talk to you and again try to brain wash. Curator will tell you about other players and divert your mind to stress you feel.

Part 3

  1. Curator will try to divert your mind and make you talk with other blue whale players.
  2. Go to the roof top at 4:20 AM and sit on edge with legs dangling. Close eyes and feel someone is behind you.
  3. Another task with cipher.
  4. Secret task.
  5. Meet a whale.
  6. Curator talk about you feeling and declare you death date.
  7. Wake up at 4:20 AM and walk rail road near your area.
  8. From now curator will ask you to not talk to anyone.
  9. You are now a whale and follow this daily task until your death date.

Blue Whale 4

Now at this stage, you have become a whale that a curator wants you to be. Curator will ask you to do this daily tasks till your death date curator declare. You have to accept that date and on that date you have to jump from some high building. Before jumping you have to click a picture standing on a edge with legs dangling down. After sending picture jump and you account will be terminate.

Part 4

This is final stage in which you have to do same task daily until you death date comes.

Every day you have to wake up at 4:20 a.m., watch horror videos, listen to music that curator send you, make 1 cut on your body, talk to a other player

Follow this same task until your death date comes. On the final date you have to commit suicide. If you reject this date then curator will leak all pictures to your family.

This is all about blue whale game. It is just mind game and nothing else. If you feel what curator wants you to feel then definitely you are a weak person.



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