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Transfer Facebook Account to another person or delete it after your death

In this web hack, you will learn how to transfer Facebook account or delete it permanently after your death. This is really funny question that is who will run your Facebook account after your death. If only you know your account password then after your death no one can get access to your account until another person know password. Facebook also add new feature to delete your Facebook account after death. Once you are dead all your data on Facebook account including pictures, videos and messages all will be delete. If you are dead then how Facebook will know you are dead and it’s time to delete your account. Follow steps below to know your answer

Steps to Transfer Facebook Account or delete account after your death

1. Log in to your Facebook account and then go to Settings.

2. A new window will open showing you all settings as shown below

Delete Facebook Account

3. By default you will be in General Tab as shown above. Now click on Manage Account below Temperature option as shown below

Transfer Facebook Account

4. Now you can see option for adding legacy contact. Type your friend name whom you want to handle your account after death and then save it. In this way you can transfer Facebook account after death.

Transfer Facebook account not means that whole your account will be transfer. Legacy contact can only change profile picture, pin post and respond to Facebook friend requests. This is really unique feature and no social network’s provide this feature except Facebook. Legacy contact can post, change profile picture but he/she will not able to read your messages. Even posts will not be by you, it is something like you post on a page. You can also choose for delete Facebook account permanently. If your legacy contact notify Facebook about your death then whole account will be deleted permanently.


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