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5 Reasons to change your Jio sim to other network sim

Hello guys, here we will discuss about 5 Reasons to change your sim from Jio sim to other network sim. Jio network started in the year 2016 with a promise to provide 4G speed at very affordable price. But do you think Jio 4G speed is very good or do you know what exactly speed should be in 4 G network. When Jio start their network then there is million of people rush in front of Jio stores for purchasing sim. With millions of demand Jio become world’s largest 4G network provider on mobile but things has change a lot.

Jio claims that they have a family of 10 millions and above. But Jio speed was good when it was start. Day by day speed is going slow in every area. It is true Jio provide unlimited voice call and unlimited data which is not given by other service provider. But seeing at Jio huge family other’s have also reduce their data and voice plans.

Jio voice call service has get severe problem that no one can connect to another person on first try. Sometimes receiver do not able to listen voice and so much noise while calling from Jio.

So the question is should you continue using Jio or move on to other network. Following reason will change your mind.

Jio Sim

5 Reason to change your  Jio sim to other network sim

Voice Call

With the coming Whats app and other calling apps all of us do not use more voice call on sim network. But that does not mean we do not need voice call using sim network. Main reason of using Jio by people is for unlimited voice call over any network. But do you think Jio voice call is good. In case of emergency and you have only Jio sim then you can not able to connect other’s  using Jio network. Network has get so much bad that you have to come out of your room to call.

Dual Sim Problem

Jio sim is completely 4G LTE base sim, so if you want to use dual sim then you can not run both sims at same time. Even if you want to use another sim internet like Airtel then you have to switch 4G to airtel and Jio sim get stop.

Internet Slow Speed

TRAI say every month that Jio is fastest network in India but it is not. Jio average speed all over India is only 2 to 2.5 Mb/s which is pretty slow speed. Even 3G network can give you 7 to 8 Mbps speed and Jio claims to be 4G fastest network. Jio say due to heavy user traffic there network get slow. But if jio is claiming to be biggest network they need to upgrade their towers to higher level to increase speed.

Poor Support

Jio customer care from start of network till now is really poor. If you complain about internet speed they will say that Jio provide 2 Mbps speed only. If you complain about calling issue then they will say your complain has been submitted and it will be resolve in 2 days. After 2 days nothing will happen they just close your complain.

Less Device Compatibility

This is not a issue but there are only 60 % devices that support Volte service. Yes, new smartphones that are inbuilt support for Volte service but Jio sim supports highs bands to work proper which common people do not know.

These are five reasons to change jio sim to other network.


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