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How to earn money using MeMe Live Stream App ?

Hello guys, here we will discuss about how to earn money using MeMe Live Stream app. MeMe live stream app is officially own by Hong Kong base company  Next Entertainment . This app is very much popular these days because of increasing users day by day. Many popular Indian girls and boys have join this streaming app and earning a lot from this app. So, how to earn money using this app just follow below steps to earn money from MeMe Live Stream app.

Earn Money using MeMe Live Stream App

Download and Install MeMe Live Stream App. For Google Play Store click here and for Apple Store click here . Once you complete installation process then you will be ask for log in or Sign Up.Log in if you already have account or other wise Sign Up as a new user.

Once you logged in you will see number of users that are on live as shown below

Get Live on MeMe Live Stream App

You can see Pink circle in bottom middle position. Click it get live on stream.

You have to be live daily for 1 – 2 hour in this app and try to attract more viewers. Ask your fans to send gifts, share your stream and follow you back. These things will help you to earn beans and points. Also there are lot of competition in this app. If you will be on top of these competition then you can earn more gifts.

If you do not able to earn beans and points then you can not earn money using this App.

Convert your beans to cash

Get Live on MeMe Live Stream App

Click on bottom last icon as shown above and then you can see your profile like below

MeMe Live Stream App Profile

Now scroll down and check for My Income option as shown below and then tap it.

Live Stream App

When you tap My Income then a new window will open as shown below showing you all beans and coins.

MeMe Live Stream Coins And App

Now you see can see your beans earn and M coins. Below that you can see two buttons first one is convert to M coins and second one is Cash out. If you convert your beans to M coins then you can buy gifts for others. But if you choose cash out then all beans will be convert to money and will be transfer to your PayPal account.

Tricks to earn beans in MeMe live stream app

If you can sing, dance or love to interact with some good conversation with strangers then it is very easy to attract more viewers. But if you are live and just sitting then it will let you down. More attractive stream more viewers can be targeted.

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