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Pay credit card bill payments using Net Banking or other credit card

Hello Guys, in this tutorial we will discuss about pay credit card bill payments and how can we pay it using Net Banking or by using other credit card. Remember, this is for information purpose only, for more information contact your bank customer care.

Mostly people in present world are credit card holders but if you are new and do not know how to pay credit card bill payments then read this tutorial.

  1. Credit Card Bill Payment using Net Banking.
  2. Pay Credit Card Bill Payment using other Credit Card.

Pay Credit Card Bill Payment using Net Banking

If you have credit card of same bank in which you account is open then you can easily pay it. You can also pay credit card bill payment using other bank net banking also. Only difference is that you have to add a beneficiary in other bank net banking. Some banks took 30 min to add a beneficiary. Follow the steps below to pay credit card bill using net banking.

Credit Card Bill Payment using other bank’s net banking

  1. Open your net banking website and then log it into it.
  2. Now go to transfer funds option and then you can Transfer types like NEFT, IMPS, MMID etc.
  3. Choose NEFT always because credit card is not applicable for IMPS.
  4. Now you will be ask for choose beneficiary to which you want to transfer funds.
  5. Choose your credit card beneficiary and enter the amount you want to transfer.
  6. You can also see a option for add beneficiary, if you have not add credit card beneficiary.
  7. Now choose beneficiary and fill amount you want to transfer to it.

Note. When you click to add beneficiary you will ask for beneficiary type as shown below

Credit Card Bill Payment

Choose Credit Card Bill Payment and then you will see a form as shown below

Credit Card Bill Payment using same bank net banking

Just logged in to net banking and then go to credit cards. Choose your credit card and then you will see option for pay credit card bill. Enter amount and then pay money for your credit card bill.

Pay Credit Card Bill Payment using Credit Card

You can easily pay your bills using other credit card if you have. Most of the credit card companies provide this option directly in their Apps. But if you do not have this option then still you can pay your bills. Just add money to any Digital wallet like Pay TM , Free charge etc. Now transfer this wallet money to your bank and then follow above net banking steps again.

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