Nokia 9 Specs revealed – A lead ship Smartphone by Nokia to clash Samsung And MI

Nokia 9 specs is finally leaked. After a long await and failures of Nokia, finally Nokia is back. Nokia is launching new smartphone to clash with those companies like Samsung, Apple and MI. Nokia finally revealed that they are going to launch a lead ship smartphone Nokia 9 against Samsung.  Rumours and picture are leaked on the internet with fake specs or real we really don’t know. But it is sure that Nokia 9 will be the first lead ship smartphone in Android market. Nokia 9 is that which is alleged to clash Samsung, Mi and Oneplus smartphones.

Leak Rumour Pics and Nokia 9 is really thought provoking.

Nokia 9  Specs that are Rumour

Nokia will have 6 GB Ram that is equal to Samsung C9 Pro and One plus 3t. Other rumour is that Nokia 9 will come with Snapdragon 835 Processor. Snapdragon 835 Processor is really high power processor as compare to the configs of C9 Pro and Oneplus 3t. Nokia 9 will come with 2 divergent one with 64 GB ROM and other with 128 GB Variant.

Camera of Nokia 9 will be 22-megapixel rear camera with dual-lens  setup with Carl Zeiss optics. And Nokia 9 will have  12-megapixel front-facing camera. However blueprint of Nokia 9 that has come really make thought provoking in your mind. But don’t be expect too much from Nokia. Nokia had already launched in MWC Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 3310. All these smartphones of Nokia are almost with average blueprints. It is expected that Nokia 6 will be a smartphone that will break Mi Market in India. Unfortunately Nokia 6 is still not available in India as well as worldwide. Nokia has decided to launch smartphones globally in June this year. Expected price of Nokia 9 will be more that 34,000 in India according blueprint of Nokia 9 leaked. People are awaiting a lot for the new Nokia Smartphones.

Nokia has ensure in MWC that new Smartphones manufactured by Nokia will have beautiful build quality. And every month users will get updates whether it’s an new Android Version.


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