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Open Facebook Page/Profile Url in Android, Iphone and Ipad App

In this instruction you will know how to open Facebook page or profile link in facebook App in Android, Iphone And Ipad. There are million of people using Facebook App for like, comment and share. So its very important that your business or profile page must be open in Facebook App, if not then link will be open in device Browser in which user has to login again to like or comment on your facebook page or profile. Most of the people will ignore like on your page/profile link due to login again.

How can we open Facebook page or Profile Link in Facebook App ?

Its very simple suppose your page url is

If we place it in anchor tag then syntax will be ..

<a href="">Open Facebook Page</a>

On clicking link your page will be open browser in all devices.

For opening link in android app you must know your page id just visit about section of page and scroll to bottom as shown in image below..

Rewrite your anchor tag link as below

fb://page?id=<!--Your Page Id-->

Replace <!–Your Page Id –> with your page id and copy link in your anchor tag as below :

<a href="fb://page?id=573726622765559">Open Facebook Page</a>

On clicking above link it will trigger facebook App to open your page. But it only works in Android Facebook App.

Similarly for opening your profile link just get your facebook profile id from here . And place your id in below link

<a href="fb://profile?id=<!--Your Profile Id-->">Open Facebook Profile</a>

On click your profile will be open in Facebook App in Android.

For Iphone And Ipad Apps

<a href="fb://profile?id=<!--Your Profile/Page Id-->">Open Facebook Profile</a>

In Iphone And Ipad only one link work that is mention above for opening url in Facebook  App . Just replace <!–Your Profile/Page Id –> with your profile or page id and save it.





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