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The plugin does not have a valid header bug in wordpress plugin resolved.

“The plugin does not have a valid header.” 

“The plugin does not have a valid header” bug is generally created when you install and activate plugin. If you are trying to install null version of paid plugin, then you can face this bug mostly. If you have created your own plugin then you can also face this bug. This bug is generally created because of incorrect files and also wrong uploaded file. When you upload a zip file and try to activate this plugin then you can find this bug as shown below : –

Let’s try to fix this bug when you uploading zip file.

How to fix this bug when you upload a wrong zip file of plugin ?

First open that zip file in Winrar or any other compression software. Check that there is no another zip file in it. If you find any zip file then extract that zip file. Now upload extracted zip file and try to activate the plugin. Make sure zip file you extracted does not contain another zip file inside it.

How to fix this bug when you uploaded plugin correctly ?

If you have uploaded correct zip file then it does not mean that you will not face this bug. Sometimes plugin developers have wrongly develop their plugin. This bug can also be faced if you have created plugin first time. For fixing it just open the plugin folder that is wp-content/plugins. If you have uploaded plugin then extract the plugin from zip and open it. Check all files and subfolders for  below code :-

Plugin Name: Your Plugin Name
Plugin URI: https://www.devildoxx.com
Description: Your Plugin Description will be here....
Author: Devildoxx
Version: 1
Author URI: https://www.devildoxx.com
License: Your Plugin License type for example GPLv2 or later

Above code will be different for your plugin but looks like that. This code will be available only in main file of that plugin. If there is another file also that contain this code then remove that code. Now try to activate the plugin it will work now. For finding exact wrong file then activate the plugin by uploading manually or using wordpress plugin uploader. When you see this error in your browser then copy the link above. Wrong file name will be seen in this link. Find this file and remove that code then it will work fine.



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