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Upgrade angular application from any old version to latest

Hi Guys, in this tutorial we will discuss how to upgrade angular application from any old version to high standards versions. Before that we will talk about

Do we really need to upgrade Angular application ?

Answer is Yes, but it depends on your application as well. If you have created an giant application in Angular 4 or any old version then upgrading may be risk. But for better performance, smoothness and more secure application definitely we need to upgrade.

Upgrade Angular Application

Before starting upgrade process, let’s discuss about versioning in Angular

Versioning Angular

We all know that after Angular Js, google developers completely rewrite the framework and name it as Angular. It was very difficult for users to upgrade from Angular JS to Angular. But with the development in Angular, now it is more easy to upgrade from versions.

Versioning in Angular is like 1.2.0 in which

‘0’ refer to patches, which means there is no major change in framework just normal patches to fix bugs. It can increase based on number of bugs like Angular Developer fix 3 bugs then version will be 1.2.3.

‘2’ refer to new release with bulk of bugs fixed. This will not change in short time, but span of time by Angular Developers.

‘1’ refer to major release with new features, security updates and bugs fixed.

Upgrade Angular to latest version

Upgrade in Angular is getting easy with every release. Angular Developers has really work hard to make it more easier to upgrade to latest without upgrading your written code.

Simply run command

ng update

If you want to check what things need to be done after upgrade like RxJs was upgraded in Angular 6 . Simply click here

When you click on link a web page will open as shown below


Choose your current version and then choose in which version you want to upgrade. After that choose your application complexity. Then there are two checkbox for Angular Material and Angular JS. You can check if you are using it. Now click on Show me how to update, it will show all necessary steps to update to latest version.

On clicking Show me how to update you can see results as shown below


Don’t worry if you are on Angular 2 and want update to Angular 8. You can directly choose versions and perform the steps. No need to update sequentially like from version 2 to 3 then so on..

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