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Pub G UC purchase using Pay TM with discount and gifts

In this tutorial, we will discuss How to buy Pub G UC using Pay TM. All we know, buying UC in-app is very costly. You have to pay Rs 80 for 65 UC only. This price change with the cost of dollar.

It is every easy to buy with in Pub G Mobile application. But, you have to pay more then the actual cost of UC.

For Example,

1$ for 65 UC

You are paying 1$ for 65 UC which mean you have to pay Rs 80 for it. But actual cost of dollar is Rs 73 (Check Google). This happens because of international taxes and other currency conversion charges.

So, if you buy from paytm then you don’t need pay such charges. PayTM is an Indian company. Here you don’t need to worry about currency conversion charges.

For purchasing UC only you need is your Pub G Id.

How to know your Pub G Id ?

Open your Pub G Mobile application then click on profile icon

Open Pub G Mobile App
Open Pub G Mobile App
Copy Pub G Mobile Id
Copy Pub G Mobile Id

How to buy Pub G UC using Pay TM ?

All the steps mention below is process in live website. So, don’t worry about any fraud.

Open website . This is the official website from Pub G Mobile.

Buy Pub G UC using Pay TM
Official Pub G Mobile website

There are number payment method’s available on website

Payment Methods in  Pub G Mobile

Best methods to buy UC is Pay TM and UPI.

There is one input field above payment method’s. You have to fill your Pub G Id in it as shown below

Fill Your Pub G Id
Fill Your Pub G Id

Click ok button then wait for process. It will shown your name in Pub G Mobile. Just confirm and then move to next step.

Actual name on Pub G Mobile
Confirm your Pub G Id

Now, select Pay TM as your payment method and then Select UC Package below it.

Pub G UC Packages
Pub G UC Packages

You can see Rs 79 package in which you will get 60 + 15 = 75. This make it more affordable instead of buying 65 UC for Rs 80. There are huge difference between in app purchase and using website.

Select package and then click on Pay Now Button.

It will open a new screen in new tab of your browser.

Buying Pub G UC using Pay TM
Buying Pub G UC using Pay TM

Click on Continue button then it will redirect you to Pay TM as shown below

Pay TM Login
Pay TM Login

You have to logged in then process the payment. Once payment is done, you will see screen as shown below

Purchased Confirmed for Pub G UC
Purchased Confirmed

Now, open your Pub G Mobile App then check your UC.

For me, before purchasing UC was 30. After purchasing it is increased to Rs 40.

You will also receive a message in application as shown below

Email In Pub G Mobile
Email In Pub G Mobile

For any query, click here

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